Conference excursion

There is no significant archaeological site in the vicinity of Warsaw, which would be interesting from a historical point of view and efficiently tested using geophysical methods.

Therefore, we have proposed a trip to the Palace of King Jan III in Wilanów, at the outskirts of Warsaw. The visitors will be divided into groups headed by museum guides. This will be preceded by Andrzej Gołembnik’s presentation titled “Searching for the graphic forms of synthesis – a new perspective”. It will be based on his experience gained during the interdisciplinary archaeological research conducted in the years 2003-2011 in Wilanów Palace. The innovative and integrated application of a wide variety of modern field prospection and documentation techniques (including digital databases and virtual reconstructions) was instrumental in capturing and understanding the complex historical processes of the palace’s various transformations. Currently these efforts are streamlined into the creation of an interactive virtual environment based on computer game engines which will be made available on two (scientific and popular) levels in the future.

After the sightseeing tour all participants are invited for a barbeque in the palace gardens.

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